Monday, November 14, 2011

Nominet Report: ccTLDs Increase Sharply in 2011

Nominet today pubblished a report which showed the growth rate for ccTLDs has increased from 1.4% to 11.5% since 2010. There are now 87 million ccTLDs, compared to 131 million gTLDs.

Tokelau Punching Above its weight
One highlight from the report was the .tk domain for Tokelau. The number of registered domains for the South Pacific territory has increased by 37% from 2010, largely because domains have been handed out for free.
German and UK domains continue to lead the market, followed by Tokelau which was described as making "remarkable progress and a disproportionately high market penetration" by the report.

Canada, which is now 14th in the rankings, has seen a 20% increase in .ca domains since last year. Director of marketing and communications at the CIRA Registry, David Fowler, said rebranding and advertising programs had contributed to the increase.

Countries such as Colombia have continued to market their ccTLDS as generic domains. Online retailer Overstock rebranded from its .com site to, and companies such as Twitter and Google use a .co extension to shorten their .com URLs.

Montenegro's .me domains, which have made a "significant amount"  of registrations at  NetNames in 2011, according to domain operations manager Ben anderson, have also been regarded as a success because of their personal style.

Anderson said registrants have much wider choice of ccTLDS compared to gTLDs. He said most of the leading ccTLD registries now allow foreign registrants to take domains, another factor for the increase in growth.

Two countries that have slipped down the rankings, China an Russia, both increased security on domain registrations. China employed hundreds of people to check validity of websites, a process which decreased the .cn registry by half.

The report said that by the end of September 2011 the total number of domains was 218 million. Global growth increased by 6.1% last year to 9.5% this year, evidence that the economic slowdown in the US and Europe has not negatively affected the global domain industry.

View Nominet Report Here

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