Monday, November 14, 2011

Why Tokelau's .TK is world's Third Largest ccTLD Domain

The free Domain Registry: .TK Truly Renaming the Internet!

Nominet just published a report showing the growth of ccTLDs in 2011 but amongst the giants in the ccTLD namespace(Germany, UK, Netherlands, Russia, EU, China, Brazil), there's an odd one out: Tokelau.

Just in case you were wondering, Tokelau is a territory of New Zealand(moving towards more autonomy/free association) on the South Pacific with a population of just 1400 people. But in the ccTLDs namesphere (yes namesphere), it's huge! What these Islands lack in population and land mass and resources they make up for in terms of cool sounding names(by some Divine Providence) or clever marketing strategy by whoever(based in US or Europe) is managing these ccTLDs. Some clever people who have not even visited these Islands signed deals with the small Pacific Islands during the .com boom in order to manage these namespaces(while the dogs were asleep).

In the case of Tokelau, it's more of the case of clever marketing strategy than a cool sounding name(although I think .TK should have been the ccTLD for Turkey!). .TK domains are FREE! You can just grab any domain for free and host your website in the WWW for one year. But you ave limited rights, you can only register it for one year, you cannot transfer or sell it and you must get at least 25 visitors in 90 days. So the free is not that free but it's convenient for the jokers in the cyberspace! To get rights of a "normal" registrant then you have to pay the registration fee $6.95.

But it's the "free" aspect that has made .TK the world's third largest ccTLD namespace! Great exposure for the small Pacific nation.

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