Wednesday, January 11, 2012 : South Africa's First Domain Registrar to launch Domain Registration Platform

South African ISP DiaMatrix will this week launch the platform, a white labelled Multi Registrar / Reseller EPP Control Panel that will enable users to successfully register new domain names and manage existing domain names using Uniforum's new EPP Solution.

The platform will also allow domain registrars and resellers that have not yet been accredited by Uniforum to become registrars through the control panel without going through the painful process of developing their own EPP solutions. The platform was developed in the last 18 months in conjunction with Uniforum.

Last year, DiaMatrix became South Africa's first Domain Registrar after integrating into Uniforum's EPP(Extensible Provisioning Protocol) system. The EPP system is an internationally adopted standard used by many domain registries globally and provides a simpler and more secure means of domain administration. South Africa's registry Uniforum has been using the legacy email based domain name registration system but this will be phased out in the near future.

Uniforum recently incorporated an EPP system will allow registrars access to the EPP  system after being accredited. Registrars will have to pass a lengthy and stringent evaluation and approval process, that Diamatrix has already passed to become South Africa's first true domain registrar. For years, South Africans have been buying domains directly from registry, Uniforum, through its archaic email domain registration system, a situation that forced many users to resort to the various ISPs for assistance with domain registration and management which subsequently led to higher costs and various domain disputes, particularly on Whois information. In many cases, ISPs register domains on behalf of clients, but using their(ISPs') details.

The DiaMatrix’s multi-registrar, multi-reseller system will allow all ISPs and domain holders to become registrars through within 24-hours. The platform will be launched later this week. Interesting developments in the namespace.

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